CEMS-Global USA’s International `Yarn & Fabric series of Exhibitions’ is now the only leading International Series of its kind of exhibition in South and South-East Asia with the series exhibitions being held in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brazil & Morocco. After successful editions in Asia, CEMS[1]Global USA takes this successful series to South America, eyeing the extremely potential markets of Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Peru and with Brazil as the biggest market in the sub-continent, launching the Brazilian edition as `5th Brazil International Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Show 2022’, to be held concurrently with `5th Brazil Apparel Sourcing Show 2022 International Expo’, the Brazilian edition of the leading Exhibition on Textile Apparel Technology & Machinery and `41st Dye Chem Brazil 2022 International Expo’ on Dyestuffs and Fine & Specialty Chemicals, both of which are another series of exhibitions and held in 3 and 5 countries respectively. Brazil’s Textile Industry is termed as “a world of untapped potential”. As one of the BRICS countries, it is the 4th largest market in the world for Textiles after US, China & Japan. Brazil’s textile and apparel industry has achieved success in terms of its textile and apparel exports, especially exports to Arabic markets. Brazilian exports of textiles and apparel to Arab countries have surged to USD 3 million during the first two months of 2017, increasing by 87.5% from the same period a year ago. Due to powerful investments in recent years, Brazil is steadily rising as a leading global technical textile producer. It is now a great moment for Brazil. After Rio+20, come to the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, and each time the world's eyes will be on the host. Along with the global spotlight on 2 the nation, the economy is booming. Is it a great moment for the Brazilian textile and garment industry too? It depends on how you look at it. On the face of it, the numbers say yes. The textile and fashion industry are worth $63bn, comprising of 30,000 factories, producing 9.5 million garments every year and is the second biggest employment creator in Brazil representing 10.6 percent of all employees in the Brazilian manufacturing sector. The sector is also the second-largest employer in the country and the fourth-largest exporter in the world.

n 2009, Brazil imported textiles and clothing worth $2.69 billion and $767.07 million respectively. In 2010 it rose to $3.89 billion and $1.07 billion, in 2011 it further increased to $4.45 billion and $1.72 billion respectively and in the first nine months of 2012 it has reached $3.30 billion and $1.64 billion, respectively, thus making it a very sizzling market for Textile & Apparel exports from Asia. The ‘5th Brazil International Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Show 2022’ will be a one[1]stop biggest marketplace for Brazil textile import business as well as presenting the latest fabrics and trends. Over 300 exhibitors from around the world will present their up-to-date fabrics, which is ready-to-use for garment, accessories, industrial use, and other various applications. The `5th Brazil International Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Show 2022’ will be fully equipped with all ranges of textile products enhanced with the latest technology, will set a new definition of smart fabrics in order to satisfy the growing demand of the buyers.