Privacy Policy

1. Application for participation is to be made on the Exhibition Application form. Acceptance of participation & exhibits will be at the sole discretion of CEMS-Global

2. Full participation fees are payable along with the Expo Application form. In case of Special consideration by CEMS-Global for 50% fees to be paid along with the application Form, balance payment (if any) will have to be paid on demand

3. Booth(s) / Pavilion(s) Space are available on First Come - First Serve basis

4. Booth Allocation will be issued strictly upon full payment of Booth(s) / Pavilion(s) fees

5. Subletting of Booth(s) / Pavilion(s) is not allowed. Any Company seen subletting their space to another Company who is not an Exhibitor / Participant of the Exhibition will not be allowed to participate in the Exhibition

6. Once completed / signed Exhibition Application form and / or Booth(s) / Pavilion(s) Advance deposit fees received, no refund requests will be entertained. Submission of Exhibition Application form and / or payment does not guarantee participation. CEMS-Global reserves the right to accept or reject any Application without giving any reason whatsoever. The Final Exhibition participation confirmation for Exhibitors / Participants is only the `Booth Allocation Letter' issued by CEMS-Global

7. Booking of Space / Booth(s) / Pavilion(s) will be automatically cancelled by CEMS-Global without intimation if Advance deposit not received when demanded by CEMS-Global or full participation / booth(s) / pavilion(s) fees are not received within 45 days prior to Exhibition date

8. Work of Special Decoration of the Booth(s) / Pavilion(s) or Cargo handling within the Exhibition premises can be availed by the Exhibitors / Participants only from those Companies / Contractors who are registered with CEMS-Global. No other Company / Vendor / Contractor will be allowed to operate / provide service in the Exhibition premises. CEMS-Global reserves the right to levy and / or recover penalty from the Exhibitor / Participant in case of any damages in the Exhibition premises

9. In the event of violation by an Exhibitor / Participant of these or supplementary regulations issued by CEMS-Global or any activity amounting to creating any nuisance or annoyance to the Exhibition by the Exhibitor / Participant, CEMS-Global reserves the right to take remedial action against that Exhibitor / Participant and if need arises, to close down the booth of that Exhibitor / Participant

10. Upon signing the Exhibition Application form, the Exhibitor / Participant agrees to abide by these regulations and any other Supplementary regulations which may be issued by CEMS-Global in written or on the Event website. The decision of CEMS-Global or their nominee will be final and binding on the interpretation of rules and regulations on the Participant / Exhibitor

11. If the Organizer is unable to host the event on the scheduled date due to any unavoidable circumstances such as but is not limited to natural calamity or disaster, poor weather conditions, civil disturbance, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodations etc., governmental orders, or other circumstances that is beyond the Organizer’s control, then the Organizer holds the right to postpone or cancel the Event at any given time without any prior notice

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