Why-Brazil? Why-Now?

The current GDP of Brazil is more than 2 Trillion Dollars which is significantly larger compared to just one decade ago. A country that is populated with over Two Hundred Million People, Brazil is expected to experience economic growth of 1.6% as of 2019. That number is impressive given the country’s current GDP. There are many booming industries in Brazil and textile is one of the main incomes of the nation. The Brazilian textile industry was one of the first to be established in the country even during the colonial period. At first, it was devoted to weaving sacks used for packaging products in Brazil and for the production of coarse fabrics for the garments of slaves. The textile industry in Brazil is young in comparison to other countries; however, it looks to be growing strength and power as a green business and future fashion mecca. Brazil is globally recognized for its large exports of soy, corn, and cotton. However, a lesser-known industry that is slowly emerging as a strong investment opportunity is the textile sector. Brazil is geographically huge and diverse; allow the region to produce an impressive variety of natural yarns, fabrics, and materials as well as having emerging retail and fashion market. Brazil is a great and unexplored market, with a strategic, logistic and established regulatory system that allows collaboration with other Latin America countries. Additionally, private companies from all over the world will surely benefit if they expose themselves to such a diverse and culturally rich market.

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With steady economic growth, Brazil is now the 4th largest exporter of cotton. The global high demand for cotton has allowed Brazil to grow slowly and steadily in the textile industry. Currently, the textile industry in Brazil is worth over 60 billion dollars, employing millions of Brazilians. Additionally, they have created over 30,000 companies that pertain to the textile industry, which makes it one of the highest employers for Brazil and this is for a country that only really became an industry influence in early 2000. Their two most-produced textiles are leather and cotton. Originally, leather was Brazil's largest export due to the land available and the cattle and sheep rose, however, cotton has now become even more important. Brazil is now the 4th largest exporter of cotton. High demand has allowed Brazil to grow slowly and steadily in this area.